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What are Human Factors and why are they so important?

Pilots and Dentists have more in common than one might think: Both jobs require precision and quality, despite decisions often made under pressure.  Technical competency, both in manual dexterity and the tools we use, require a professional approach to ensure safe use.  Communication, Leadership and Teamwork are as essential within the dental practice as the mouth mirror, dental probe and scaler.

It is an inescapable fact that humans are susceptible to human error.  Over many years of analysing accidents and incidents, the aviation industry recognised the role of human error in accidents – that the vast majority of accidents were being caused by human, as opposed to technical, error.  The aviation industry then set about integrating human factors training into pilot training programmes.  This approach proved highly successful, significantly reducing accident rates.  The benefits of human factors training are so important that regular human factors training is mandated for all professional pilots, air traffic controllers, cabin crew and engineers. 

This fundamental awareness of human performance and the techniques that may be employed to enhance outcomes forms the basis of modern human factors training.  The similarities between aviation and medicine in relation to human factors, and the advantages training can offer have long been recognised.  These advantages are just as applicable to dentistry.

We are currently working with dental industry leaders to lock in the advantages of human factors within Dentistry. Our services also include consulting and insights services, as well as informative, interactive and engaging lectures and CPD courses.  We can deliver courses online, in practice, and at our training centre at London Heathrow.  Our team includes Dentists, and our material is specifically designed for dental professionals. 

We are passionate about our work; to improve patient safety and reduce human error.

Put Human Factors into your Practice

Manage risk, reduce stress.  Human Factors can positively benefit you and your practice.  Work better, create opportunities and reduce risk.  Our new COVID-19 workshops highlight some key vulnerabilities and how to manage them.  For more information talk to us now!

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